As parents, we begin teaching our children the basics of survival and how to navigate the world safely, and we do everything possible to create as much opportunity as we can for them. Our early and persistent efforts get them ready for a very long commitment to a public education process that for far too many kids comes up short! We can do better! By joining our community, meeting our community friends, and helping us make the real changes necessary to bring well funded and quality lifelong educational experiences to all of our children, not just those who have rich parents, we will overcome this societal burden together!

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Environmental solutions fall to political divisions! Politicians have caused our ability to focus on real environmental solutions to be more about getting elected then it is to resolve our actual problems. Our planet is our house, and our house is not clean, nor is it organized! Our trash is overflowing, our air stinks and is no where near clean, much of our water is contaminated, and food supplies are becoming more artificial every day! Health is becoming a battle to survive vs. a gift to maintain. Is this what we want to leave our children with? Here at Vote4Kids the answer is a resounding NO! We have solutions, technology, and a plan devised to reform our system of governance and help ensure these issues do not get swept under the green grassy carpet we call home! Join our community, learn from our community of experts, and help us bring real solutions to the forefront before it’s too late for our children to inherit a clean planet!

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Do you feel represented, or are politician campaign slogans just a set of political promises that get elected officials into office? Our system of governance has lost sight of the fact that we have no future without children! We need them to be safe, happy and healthy! We need them to be well rounded and capable of taking the world on and passing it along to their children better then what we have been given, and better then what we are about to leave them with. Our system of governance is failing to represent the masses let alone our most precious reason for existing, our families! We lack fundamental compassion as urban vs. rural living clashes, when they should fully compliment! We need to stop the self serving, “I will pat your back if you pat mine,” way of legislating! Public servants are meant to be just that, nothing more, and nothing less! We have lost sight of this and it is time to restore accountability for our children’s future, because corporate interests do not align with a child’s fundamental opportunities in life when it comes to making money for an elite few! Success is great, just not at the expense of a child’s future! Our Vote4Kids community supports political accountability being restored and fulfilled under the US and more directly each State’s Constitution. Our friends have legislative solutions that need our community help to get passed if we are to ever fix these problems for our kids, and for generations to come! Please go to the links we have shared regarding real political solutions and legal legislative reform agendas and support them so they can help us all!

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Managing Partner at New Green Deal Corporation

Decades ago I decided I would no longer worry about money. Money can make you comfortable but never truly makes anyone happy. I’ve decided to totally give, my entire being toward saving out planet and providing higher educations for all our children. Here are the tools and processes needed to get it done at no cost to our citizens, counties, provinces, states or governments. The NGD Consortium will live past me. I simply want my headstone to read “Here lies a man that made the… (Whole World)… a better place.”


Proponent CALMSEA & CIRRRA Initiatives

Dr. Liddell originates from generations of family who historically helped pave the way in the United States. He holds deep-rooted respect for our nation’s core system of values which in turn lead to the preservation of the principles which established our Golden State. As his children and future grandchildren stand to inherit their future, he aims to preserve the essence set forth by our Founding Fathers for all youth.

As a political activist for nearly a decade, Dr. Liddell has participated in everything from local school boards to statewide issues. He represents solutions that he believes will help resolve differences created when laws and ordinances are passed that fundamentally attempt to alter one’s core values. From these experiences, he has learned to rise above his personal issues and focus on making systemic changes that benefit all constituents. He wishes for everyone who feels and believes they are not represented, truly represented, in our current system of governance to have a voice.


"It takes a village (in a connected world) to raise a child!"
VOTE4KIDS has forged strong partnerships with a number of esteemed organizations and groups that share our passion for securing children’s futures. Through these partnerships, we are able to work together to identify areas of need, develop effective solutions, and make a real difference in the lives of countless children.

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